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Grubs – November 2019

I’ve been seeing some grub damage during October/November. I’ve been noticing some grub damage on some properties in Cape Coral and Fort Myers recently. This

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Cape Coral Watering Schedule

Cape Coral Watering Schedule

The city of Cape Coral has a year round watering schedule that must be followed for watering your lawn. There are some exceptions, such as

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Safety Considerations

Stump grinding basics

Stump grinding is a great way to get rid of that old stump that’s bothering you.

There are several safety factors that need to be considered first.

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Current Projects

Current Project

This is a re-landscape of a Fort Myers river front property.

Project entailed design and installation of various landscape elements.

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Project Photos

Tree Work

Worked with my friends on a tree job today. Removed some very large pine trees, grinded stumps and used mini skid to pull the large

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